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If you have questions about Nand2Tetris projects or software, you are in the right place. Please select a sub-forum and review the posts; there is a good chance that a similar question was previously asked and answered. If not,  post your question, and we will answer it shortly. If you feel like answering some of the questions yourself, feel free. Please avoid posting solutions or solution segments (a few lines of code is fine). It's important to let people have the freedom to build the computer on their own.

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Any ideas about new projects related to this book / course? Please share them with us! 63 233
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Posts about errors, bugs, or problems found in the book, projects, or software tools 116 412
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If you wish to say a few words about yourself, please write a post here. It's always fun to know who is using the book / course and in what capacity (instructor, student, self-learner, ...). 92 184
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Hi AllI am new to computer programming and i am doing this course so i can have a deeper understanding of programmingThe question I have is that I have is that fpolder 00 in the project directory is empty (apart from a text file. This means I cant even get started with the warm up exercise  whic... 2 2
by cadet1620
The CPUEmulator is not working.It shows java NULL pointer exception as well as missing java class. what should I do now? 1 9
by rahiba
I am trying to start on Project 01 but unless I am overlooking something in the reading I do not know where to edit the supplied HDL files to create a chip implementation. Am I overlooking something key in Appendix A or in Chapter 1? Where is the external text editor mentioned in the hardware si... 1 3
by ivant
I have written the function and placed it in front of the line using it, and I used the right function name. I have saved it and compiled it several times and I am sure I compiled the right file. So what did I do wrong? 2 3
by Mikey2520
I got the accompanying video tutorials for Part 1 of course through Coursera but am unable to find where I can download videos for chapters 7 through 13. Are very helpful. Can you tell me where I can find these. Great Course 1 1
by cadet1620
CHIP DMux8Way { IN in, sel[3]; OUT a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h; PARTS: DMux4Way(in=in,sel=sel[1..2],a=q,b=w,c=e,d=r); DMux(in=q,sel=sel[0],a=a,b=b); DMux(in=w,sel=sel[0],a=c,b=d); line 22-> DMux(in=e,sel=sel[0],a=e,b=f); ... 1 1
by anirudhbandi
Hello, Can anyone help me find the problem in my CPU code? Many thanks to all helpers!! :) Mux16(a=instruction , b=outalu , sel=instr-type , out=outab ); Mux16(a=outreg , b=inM , sel=a-bit , out=outac ); ALU(x=outb , y=outac , zx=c1-bit , nx=c2-bit , zy=c3-bit , ny=c4-bit , f=c5-bit , n... 1 1
by ybakos
Please provide the link and suitable details 1 1
by cadet1620