Great Course, very limited.

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Great Course, very limited.

First, this is a great course for any computer scientist. Albeit a student, refreshing professional, or the CEO of a future billion dollar software cooperation. Implementation is key, but I am feeling a bit in the dark as I go from the lecture materials to the projects.

I understand that great minds think outside of the box, but when learning new material, it would be of great help to have all materials in a a centralized location. I believe I am spending much more time than needed searching for information on a topic discussed because I can't remember if it was in the text, in a forum, in a lecture note, or even in the project description.

Anther topic I found difficult to grasp in the beginning of the course was how to implement any of the chips greater than the elementary. I would have liked to see a few examples completely worked through to see how it should be done, and the logic. I know how the truth tables work, I just wish it was easier to connect the dots for the full understanding.

More than halfway through the course, I can say I have learned a lot, but also spent a lot of time primarily on the logic associated with each assignment. This class is recommended for those who are not a full time student as well, unless they are great time managers. Computer Science is logic, as we learned, but to get more involved, the course should be easier to understand for those who are debating to go this deep.

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