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Hello from Brazil


 My name is Marcos and I'm a visual artist interested in working with public spaces and body/performance art. I always did self study in programming and math, I'm in this business since 2009 (i know that i could just go to a university and learn the right way, but i can't just quit the arts part ...we can say that i love working with both art and computer stuff, but life got me in arts harder).

I just got in touch with this course and i'm loving! Never thought that someday i could adventure in low-level lands (now this is really low level).

Just now I'm working in a GUI platform to help artists-translators work with a awesome performance-arts diagram, from a cool german artist that i met in Brazil last year in a Performance Workshop (here a english version: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/275148890_Performance_Art_Kontext, the secret is that there is tabular view, so not so complex in a sense of actually translate it).

While doing this and making my way trough this course, i'm planning in develop a gui to work with logic and circuit stuff (and the plan is that you have only the Nand and other atomic gates from the book ;D). Maybe the user can encapsulate that logic in interfaces and build his abstractions from bottom, like this course (I'm gonna make a proper post later, if someone interested in helping with it).

So... too much talk, but that's it. Thanks for enduring that bad english

Marcos Frankowicz
Brazilian artist with whatever skills in programming (ok enough?)

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Re: Hello from Brazil

Hi Marcos,

Welcome to nand2tetris! Enjoy your adventure.

You English is easily understood.  I would guess that it is about the same quality as my Spanish.