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Hello from the UK


I found out about this book/website through that popular Minecraft video while I was into that game (of the guy making the ALU from redstone). That inspired me to get this book. I'm actually doing a CompSci degree, but my knowledge has been so fragmented that this book is an absolute godsend.

I'm at the start of chapter 4 and have managed to complete every project up until now, with much pacing around and (welcome) stress. I absolutely loved the first two chapters, and the third one was great too, but it was a big struggle for me and I needed 5 days off just to deal with the anxiety of not being able to implement RAM64.

This book may have saved my degree, as I was losing interest and focus until making my way through this book. I have to say, the challenge and ambition of this book are the two most appealing things to me. That I can now officially say I have designed all the chips that can make up a computer is such an amazing thing that I can carry around (I can say that right?) for the rest of my life. And the struggle each project brings is so addictive!

So many thanks to the authors and the people who made the free software on this website. Hope you come out with more content in the future.