MineSweeper for Hack Platform in Jack

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MineSweeper for Hack Platform in Jack

Marco Bellocchi
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Hi guys,

I have implemented MineSweeper in Jack for the hack platform.

It is composed by some "generic" components that can be reused in other games: a Grid, GridController, Cell and CellDrawer (generic as far as the jack language allows).
They are generic in the sense that they have nothing to do directly with MineSweeper game, and could be simply reused to implement for example connect4, tetris or other grid based games.

I have uploaded an example of the grid component that you might want to use in your own project (The source for the grid is in source folder, as an example I have implemented a dummy game that counts how many "clicks" have been done and it shows in the "status bar" at the bottom the last clicked cell position).

I have also uploaded the vm files which you can run usin VMEmulator to play MineSweeper (vm files in MineSweeper_GameExample folder). Happy to send the code but you might want to give it a shot yourself, I am just using the Grid component I have uploaded.

If you do something interesting with it let me know please.

(Note that the cell height and width are input of the Grid constructor).