Side(ways) Scroll bars in the Hardware Simulator

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Side(ways) Scroll bars in the Hardware Simulator


It is at this point that I reluctantly am going to be "that guy" who points out the obvious flaws in the software that for some reason have gone unfixed.

Side Scrolling. In the hardware emulator (or simulator? I'm actually not sure which term is correct). Why no work?  It seems like an extremely simple thing for programmers to get right. Maybe I'm way off because I sure as [stuff] don't know how to fix it, so I'm no better.

Also, random glitchy text placement during testing? What's up with that?

Does the software that goes with this book work better in a linux environment? If so, I'd have no problem setting up a virtual machine just for this project.

Ok, end of rant. Sorry if it's a sore subject, I'm just wondering why it's never been fixed. Probably because it's "cosmetic" as opposed to baseline function. But i'll tell ya, it would REALLY make it easier for me to debug my CPU if I could see what the heck is going on instead of dealing with opening and closing multiple text files for every iteration of testing.

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