problems with project 1

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problems with project 1

Paul dairc
first DMux
My code pass all test but when in and Sel become one it failed

My code

    IN in, sel;
    OUT a, b ;
    And ( a =in , b =sel , out = v) ;
  Xor ( a = in , b = v , out = a) ;
what's the problem ?

 I try to make Mux4ways 16 with two dMux and two or and Mux
sel 0 go t o Dmux 1 (a,b ) then go to or gate  and Dmux 2 (c,d) then go to or gate
then output of two or gates go to Mux with sel 1 but my code didn't work
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Re: problems with project 1

Your DMux has no connection to the 'b' output, so that output is always 0.

Note that just like connecting multiple wires to the outputs of physical parts, you can have more than one "out=" connection on a chip in the PARTS section.

I don't understand your text description of your Mux4Way16.  Please post the HDL so that we know exactly what you mean.